Musings With Maury

Word Power

Look at this report card. Are you really that stupid?”

“As much money as we’ve spent on your eyes you better never take those glasses off.”

“Stop being a sissy. Fight back when someone pushes you.”

“I wish you’d never been born.”

“We are paying for you to learn classic piano stop playing that n—-r music. What is wrong with you?”

And the list goes on and on. Each word spoken from what should have been a nurturing parent instead acted as a sword piercing deeply into the heart of a small boy.

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Expressing Anger Appropriately

By Maury Adkins

There are things that really make me angry which creates a conundrum for me. Trying to balance the giving into uncontrolled anger as a form of idolatry with the instances in which justifiable anger is allowed, is for me, akin to trying to make a Slinky go up the stairs. ( If you have to ask what a slinky is, you are not as old as me and you missed one of the greatest toys ever).

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