Zionist Dialogue

The Next Chapter

By Herbert Belkin

One day you are fully involved in a job or a business. Your day is full of work; you have structure to your life, a daily schedule of how to spend your time. You have all of this structure one day and then the next day you retire. One day you never have enough time, the next you have too much with the immediacy of work gone. All too quickly life becomes open-ended and previously filled schedules are now empty.

After retirement and the structure of the workday gone, there is the danger of slipping into inactivity. Life slows down, the inconsequential fills the day. The question arises of how to stay functional in both mind and body. Now there is time for workouts, to discover what Yoga or Tai Chi is all about. And, of course, time for that always reliable form of exercise: walking. With the important motivation of keeping healthy, retirees have time to keep the body fit. How about the mind?

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